He came to America with his father, brother and cousins to kidnap a rich African immigrants' daughter and hold her for ransom, but he fell in love with her, and everything went sideways.
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Synopsis of African Love Story

They were dead and they were young, and it was Jack’s job to find out who killed them, but first – who are they? The girl was easy; the ID in her wallet would take him to her rich parents, the father an influential and successful Nigerian immigrant. The boy was harder, no wallet. Then Tayo, a police detective from the Nigerian Consulate, shows up and identifies the Boy as the youngest son of a family wanted in Nigeria for kidnapping and murder. Tayo has been tracking them since they left Africa. Jack and Tayo follow the leads, interviewing the family of the girl, her father, mother, maid and chauffeur. Working together, they even capture one of the kidnappers, the dead boy’s cousin. Flash backs during the interrogations tell a Romeo and Juliet story. The Boy’s father and gang leader sends the Boy to follow the Girl and learn her routine. The Boy falls hopelessly in love with her, a doomed love. He just wants to marry her, but his father is planning to kidnap and kill her. The girl's father dislikes the Boy on sight and orders her to stop seeing him. Then their plans to elope go sideways and end in their tragic murders. The Homicide Detective and his new partner, the Nigerian police Detective hunt the killer down: is it the accidental result of an angry father out to stop his disobedient daughter, the jealous Chauffer's fit of rage, maybe the bass guitar player ex-boyfriend did it or is it just a kidnapping gone wrong?

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